The First Promise Mascot Agency Interview!

Last week we had a lovely big chat with Katelyn Mitchell Jewett of Gamerant about all things PROMISE MASCOT AGENCY! Topics include inspirations for the game, working with Ikumi Nakamura, our favourite mascots and more! 

Click here to read! It’s a great article!

We’ve got more interviews and announcements on the horizon, so keep an eye out! We can’t wait to share more of Kaso-Machi with you. Thanks again to Katelyn! 

And thanks again to everyone else, too – we continue to be blown away by the reaction to Promise Mascot Agency. Developing a game for four years, you worry how people will react to it when you finally show them. We hoped that people would watch the trailer and want to know more – but the huge amount of excitement, hype and willingness to go with us on this bizarre journey was more than we could have ever expected. That’s the stuff that keeps us going, and seeing people continue to discover the game with variations of “I don’t know what this is, but it looks awesome” is heartwarming.

We’ve seen incredible reception not just from fans but also the press – here are a few of our favourites:

“One of the recruitable misfit mascots in the trailer, a large block of tofu with tears constantly streaming down its face, does battle with a normal-sized door by trying to walk through it. The tofu loses. “Currently soft but wants to be firm” is noted on Tofu’s character sheet. This is the best combat I’ve seen in a game all year.”

Wes Fenlon, PC Gamer

“Look, I understand that some level of objectivity and reservation is part of the post, but I no longer care. Promise Mascot Agency is the videogame singularity. It contains all good things about all videogames and once it’s out, I will not need to ever play another videogame again, which is good, because no-one will dare to make another videogame after it.”

Nic Reuben, Rock Paper Shotgun

“It looks spectacular. I reviewed Paradise Killer way back when it was released. It was one of my favorite games of that year, and has stuck with me since. You probably could have struck my interest with “from the developers of Paradise Killer,” but the trailer delivers beyond that with just a feverish representation of Japan. Damn, I’m excited.”

Zoey Handley, Destructoid


On that note, if you haven’t yet, please wishlist the game! It helps push us up the rankings and, as such, get more visibility. You’d be doing us a huge, huge favour! We love you! 

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June 11, 2024

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