Kaizen Game Works is a UK-based independent game studio formed in 2018 by two veterans of the UK games industry. Drawing on their experience working on BAFTA-winning AAA narrative games and wildly popular high end mobile games, Kaizen Game Works wants to change the rules around game narratives and how players experience them. With a focus on player agency and story interaction, Kaizen want to allow players to craft their own tales and express themselves within games.


Phil Crabtree wearing a hat and sunglasses in front of a pagoda

Phil Crabtree

Technical Director & Co-founder

Oli Clarke Smith in front of a view over Japan

Oli Clarke Smith

Game Director & Co-founder

Rachel Clarke Smith wearking a facemask in a street in Japan

Rachel Noy

Art Director & Shiba Inu Herder

Sam Smith in front of a wood panel wall

Sam Smith (no relation to Oli (as far as we know))

Marketing & Communications Lead

We also work with an amazing team of contractors and partners helping us with Art, Programming, QA, Audio and more.

Our History