GENRE: Open World Exploration Investigation

RELEASED: September 4th 2020

PLATFORMS: PC, Switch, PS4, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series


Paradise Island. A synthetic rock floating on an ocean in another reality filled with lunatics, psychopaths and a thousand secrets. Each island fails and a new one is born. On a dark night during the 24th Island Sequence, Paradise is killed.

The surreal Paradise Island is home to the Syndicate; immortal worshippers of dead alien gods. The player assumes the role of Lady Love Dies, an exiled investigator brought back to solve the mass murder of the Syndicate’s Council. Using Starlight, her investigation assistant computer, Lady Love Dies will scour Paradise Island for clues in her quest for justice. Will she find a single culprit or unravel a conspiracy centuries in the making?

Paradise Killer is a free form, open world first person exploration investigation game. The player investigates the mass murder of the island’s ruling council as they wish, piecing together clues and forming their own arguments to present in the end game trial. By choosing how to interrogate suspects and finding any evidence in any order, the player will discover not a singular truth but a truth they shape and craft. Find your truth and breathe life back into Paradise.

Paradise Killer - View of the Citizen Apartments
Paradise Killer - Dialogue

Game Features

Free form investigation and evidence gathering

  • Find the evidence in any order
  • Assemble it into a truth
  • Choose who to accuse and close the case

Fully interactive story

  • Choose what to investigate and when
  • Choose how to speak with the secretive psychos on the island
  • Poke holes in alibis
  • Coerce them into giving up their secrets
  • Drive an end game trial through the truths you believe

An open world filled with mysteries

  • Every building has a history to discover
  • The remnants of lives lead in service of astral beings litter the streets
  • Cryptic story details can be gleaned from examining the bizarre relics of a suddenly vanished populace

Learn a long dead language born on a forgotten planet

  • Use Starlight to crack ancient nightmare computers
  • Decipher a dead alien race’s language
  • Find the evidence is hidden behind a network of arcane machines

Scour the sun drenched streets of Paradise. Interrogate lunatics and psychopaths. Understand the depths of demonic degeneracy. Uncover the facts and make the truths.

Find out who killed Paradise.


The core of our design philosophy is player freedom. Freedom to express themselves through the games mechanics and freedom to explore the world as they see fit.

We strongly believe that games should eschew ‘storytelling’ and embrace ‘story interacting’. Games are an interactive medium and being told a story is not interactive. Interacting with a story is something only games can do and creates an incredibly powerful player experience.

For this reason, Paradise Killer allows the player to interact with the story at all times. The player chooses where to go and when. The player chooses which evidence to collect. The player chooses how to talk to other characters and dictate the flow of conversations. The player chooses who to accuse of the murder and how to form the arguments against them.

It is up to the player how much evidence they collect, what order they do it in and who they choose to accuse of the crime. The game does not judge or ask the player to retry to get a ‘correct’ answer. The player investigates as they see fit.